We are after a casual website professional that can work on our sister site. They will need to be proficient with open cart and the main role is this:

To update the website with products and inventory items and make any changes or upgrades needed.

It’s as simple as that. Please contact us at

Pay will be discussed. This role is based on an ad-hoc basis and a trustworthy person is paramount as it will be done remotely.

happy new year


We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Back to business and we are pushing onwards and upwards. Look out for our sister sales site called TradePriceTech coming shortly. You will be able to buy all your goods online securely and have them shipped to your address or delivered if in the local area. There will be plenty of bargains of all new, used and refurbished technology products!

To start the year off right, we are clearing our current stock. If you quote IPCNEWYEAR in the comments box on Ebay -ipcstech or Amazon – tradepricetech, we will take 5% off all orders. The code may not work but if you quote it, we’ll refund the 5% of the price of the laptop or desktop etc. This will be going until the end of February or when the current stock runs out.

You can of course still order your new bespoke desktop or laptop from us directly at ipcsolutions and all the usual in house and remote services are still running as normal. Please order one of our custom built PC’s from our page on the website links above.

We are now accepting card payments!

we are now accepting card payment over the phone or in person. This enables us to be more flexible with payment methods. We can now accept:

credit/debit cards
contactless payments
apple pay and android pay
bank transfers

all bases covered!

get your card reader here:

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is coming!!!

Head over to Prime day and purchase the prime music trial or prime service. We subscribe and the postage savings with next day delivery alone are worth it!

iPC bespoke computer ranges all updated

We have been updating our fleet of computers and retiring some older models. The range now features Kaby Lake processors and Ryzen 5 and 7 from AMD. Ryzen 3 will be up for sale as soon as they are released. Find them

We are also launching another page with ready to go budget desktops from manufacturers like Dell and HP. View it when its live later today.

Contact us with your inquiries at

Ryzen desktops

RYZEN is here!

The new Ryzen heavyweight processors have been released. Multi threaded loveliness for a fraction of the cost of intels equivalent. We can build a new PC with the Ryzen processors and motherboards. New Ryzen line of computers will be available to order now, really good for business level companies that need the multiple cores and threads for heavy processor work. Also, pretty good for gaming. Contact us now on 01621 857085 or

Mini review of the Seiki 28″ smart tv

Nice little budget TV. £160!! SEiki 28″ smart tv. We have purchased a couple for a customer and she asked us to test them. I was interested to find out how good a TV so cheap could be. In the days gone by, i remember owning a Finlux CRT tv which was cheap but also excellent, especially with the consoles of the day, the SNES and the Megadrive! Seiki, 28″, LED, SMART tv, £160. ok, show me what you have got……………….

PC range refreshed

The PC range has been refreshed and prices slashed!

We have been busy with the launch of the new hardware and have refreshed our PC range whilst slashing prices whilst increasing the specification and speed of our PC’s. The PC’s are all built and tested before shipping and any defective parts will be replaced immediately. These are mainly gaming pc’s and business machines at the top end whilst the lower end are for casual PC users and surfers. Any of our PC’s can be modified and changed to suit your needs, supplied with monitors or without, or graphics cards added to allow you to game. Contact us now if you would like to make modifications before purchase or just go right ahead and purchase with the buy it now button.






They can also be modified and water cooled. We recently updated our own PC and cooled it with a simple CPU loop and overclocked it to run at 4.5 ghz. The stock speed is 3.5ghz!! The case was changed to a Corsair Air 540 midi tower case, the reservoir/pump combo is the new XSPC Eon which is lovely and the CPU waterblock is a Lian Li HydrOC CB-01 High End CPU Waterblock. All keeping the overclocked processor at 30% and under.





4th generation ‘haswell’ intel PC build blog


Welcome to the 2nd build blog, slightly overdue, for a customer to replace her dead mac pro computer. She wanted a fast and quick system that was capable of playing games and watching movies. A new monitor was required as well, and this is the spec sheet which i purchased:

Haswell i5 4670k processor @ 3 ghz
MSI Z87 – G45 gaming motherboard
16 gig of corsair vengeance pro 2186 mhz ram
Fractal design R3 silent tower case
128 gig sandisc ultra plus SSD drive for windows
2 TB sata 3 hard drive for storage
Corsair CX600 watt modular power supply
2 gig HD 7850 graphics card
windows 8 professional
DVD-RW drive
Acer 21.6″ LED monitor
2.1 speakers

the finished build was very clean, i like the case as they are fairly roomy and easy to work in and providing the fans are quiet, silent ish in operation.

The machine flies and the customer is very happy with it. i was also delighted with the screen, i hadn’t purchased one of them before and it received mixed reviews. it’s crystal clear and has good viewing angles and has strong images and good colours.

i tested the game with call of duty and whilst the GPU wasn’t the best available at the time, had no problem playing the game at 1080p and high levels of details. Add another card in crossfire and it was play FPS on ultra settings i’d guess.

i also decided not to overclock the processor to 4ghz plus levels.

Haswell build blog photos ‎

iPC silverstone small form factor build blog


welcome to our first computer build blog on our new website. We decided to build a small form factor PC that would act as a media server for the lounge or bedroom for storing downloaded movies and music from our ripped collection of DVD and CD’s. It is also suitable for general web browsing and office documents. We have attached the pictures of the products that we used to this post.The intital build that we conducted and tested initially consisted of this specification:

Silverstone SG05 SFF case
Gigabyte E350 N processor and motherboard combination
8 gig of Team Elite 1600 mhz ram
480 gig OCZ bigfoot Solid state hard drive
600 watt SFF power supply
windows 7 professional

The build went fine and it’s amazing how much we could cram into the case. the components worked flawlessly first time and windows installed quickly and correctly. The overall speed of the machine was good, not the best, but this is a 1.6 ghz processor that is in the e350n. But overall, it was a nice little system. a better power supply that is quieter would help as it’s audible although not painfully so. The SSD drive makes it tick along even better.
The upgrade came swiftly though. although there is nothing wrong with the system above, i decided to see what a quicker CPU would bring so i purchased this little lot:

intel i3 2130 processor @ 3ghz
asus P8H77 i motherboard
arctic cooling low profile CPU cooler

This has improved performance no end and the arctic cooler has lowed the noise a lot as it is a near silent fan. the speed of the PC is now very good and it will make a nice addition to our new lounge when we eventually move home! it’s wireless too thanks to me usb draft n dongle!

view the pictures for a detailed view and contact us if you would like to order one or one similar.

bye for now.
iPC Solutions