4th generation ‘haswell’ intel PC build blog


Welcome to the 2nd build blog, slightly overdue, for a customer to replace her dead mac pro computer. She wanted a fast and quick system that was capable of playing games and watching movies. A new monitor was required as well, and this is the spec sheet which i purchased:

Haswell i5 4670k processor @ 3 ghz
MSI Z87 – G45 gaming motherboard
16 gig of corsair vengeance pro 2186 mhz ram
Fractal design R3 silent tower case
128 gig sandisc ultra plus SSD drive for windows
2 TB sata 3 hard drive for storage
Corsair CX600 watt modular power supply
2 gig HD 7850 graphics card
windows 8 professional
DVD-RW drive
Acer 21.6″ LED monitor
2.1 speakers

the finished build was very clean, i like the case as they are fairly roomy and easy to work in and providing the fans are quiet, silent ish in operation.

The machine flies and the customer is very happy with it. i was also delighted with the screen, i hadn’t purchased one of them before and it received mixed reviews. it’s crystal clear and has good viewing angles and has strong images and good colours.

i tested the game with call of duty and whilst the GPU wasn’t the best available at the time, had no problem playing the game at 1080p and high levels of details. Add another card in crossfire and it was play FPS on ultra settings i’d guess.

i also decided not to overclock the processor to 4ghz plus levels.

Haswell build blog photos ‎