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Below we have provided you with some handy hints and tips to hopefully make your PC run smoother, faster and problem free. There are also some other useful hints and tips that may aid your future PC purchases and upgrades. These tips are useful for all levels of IT user.

My computer is running slugishly or slowly?

Many modern day PCs have lots of ram and hard drive space and fast processors to make them run faster. This is not the case with older machines built pre 2005. Sometimes a simple RAM memory upgrade can help speed things up no end. We offer a memory upgrade service for £24.99 plus the cost of the memory. See here for other services.

Also, your computer may speed up with a little system management. This can be done via simple disc cleanup tools, registry repairers and disk defragmentation programmes. IPCS always recommends running disk defragmentation programs at least once a month – but not on SSD hard drives as it’s not required and can degrade the drive.  All IPC Solutions PC clean up services include installation and demonstration of system clean up software and spyware removal and anti virus tools.

My system keeps crashing and I get the ‘blue screen of death’. What can I do?

The blue screen of death can result from crashes due to software instabilities, graphic and sound card drivers and sometimes window system file problems. If your system crashes randomly, try upgrading your drivers in your computer for graphics card and sound cards and often motherboard bios updates. If you find these problematic, call us for advice. If your windows system files become corrupted due to viruses and trojans, you may need to reinstall windows and all your programmes again. If you would like further assistance please contact us.

Why won’t a game I have purchased run on my system very well or at all?

Modern computer games are developed to run on higher specification systems and may not run on older hardware. The best thing to do before you purchase any game, online or in a shop, is to compare your PC specification against the PC specification detailed on the game box or game details(online) to see if your PC will run the game.

Some games will require a program called Direct X to run. The latest DX software is version 12 and needs the latest graphics cards to run properly. These graphics cards are available fairly cheaply, but some will still not run the games at high detail and resolutions. Therefore it is always worth checking the game box or website thoroughly before purchase.

These useful tools will tell you all about your system and what specification it is.

SiSoft Sandra Lite


I brought my PC just four years ago, should I upgrade it now?

Technology moves at an alarming rate these days and PC technology is no different. PC’s built within the last 4 years will run a majority of programs and games with little problem, maybe not games at their highest detail or resolution, but certainly at an enjoyable level. A simple upgrade of the operating system (Windows, Linux), memory or processor can reinvigorate a system and provide you with another few years service. A larger hard drive for more storage may be required and will fit most PC’s built within the last five years. We recommend it is always worth exhausting every angle with your current setup first before spending lots of money on a new one. Adding a SSD drive is one of the best upgrades a laptop or pc can have these days and prices have reduced no end.

I have an old wireless router modem that will not work on my system, why is that?

Sometimes, the disks that are included with a router or modem may be for a different operating system. For example, you may have a PC that is running the new Windows 7 and the driver disk that you have with your component is for Windows 95, 98 and XP only and will not work on your system. The easiest way is to Google your router or modem make and model and download the correct drivers for your product from the manufacturers website. We can do this for you if you are confused, please contact us for details.

We have listed below some of the most commonly upgraded components:

CPU – Central Processing Unit. The chip that runs the PC

RAM – Random access memory or system memory

HDD – Hard disk drive

SSD – Solid state hard drive

SSHD – Solid state hybrid drive

GPU – Graphics processing unit. The graphics card.

PSU – power supply unit, one of the most important parts of the system, choose a good one, at least 80 plus bronze standard.

Monitor – sometimes a larger monitor changes things no end, especially on internet browsing or basic PC’s using office.

Sound Card

Wireless Router/Modem – you may want to create a wireless network within your home and eliminate all those cables . This is often very simple and easy to do.

These can often be cost effective upgrades and purchasing second hand parts is also another good way to upgrade your system with minimal outlay of money. We can help with sourcing second hand parts and specialise in finding the best bargains for new and used products, call us for details.

Forces Card UK

2 Comments to Hints and Tips

  1. Dan says:

    Hello! Thank you for useful information about computers. I have a question! I am going to buy PC power supply unit to protect my computer from different problems with power surges. What king of PSU will be the most suitable for common PC? And what voltage should it be. I was looking here http://hardware.eu/apc, but there are so many different models, so I cant understand which one I need.

    • hi Dan

      thanks for your feedback.
      the ups or uninterupted power supply you would need for a domestic single pc would only need to be a small one if any. maybe using a surge protection power socket multi adaptor may be a better solution. i use them and have not witnessed any issue. a power supply for a pc vary too. always get a bronze rated psu at the least and above 350 watt unless you have GPU’s and lot’s of hard discs and are overclocking, then something above £5-600 watt would be beneficial.


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