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Feedback left from our customers:

We sought help from IPC after christmas for a wireless problem we had in our house and issues with a laptop. The service was good and prices reasonable even though it was in the christmas holiday season. He visited us quickly and sorted our IT problems out first time and in good time. We would have no problem using IPC Solutions again.

I was looking to buy a tablet for my sons birthday,not knowing any thing about them i called Ipc solutions,i was given really good advice and a good deal on a new one ,on delivery everything was sorted and ready to go ,a very smooth and good service

Needing to replace my 5 year old PC but having limited technical knowledge, I sought advice from IPC Solutions. Having had the options explained to me, I chose to go the Mini purpose built PC route complete with installation, commissioning and data transfer assistance. I am most pleased with the result and the efficient service received.

Thank you IPC Solutions for my new computer. After having my old   computer for 6 years, it died a couple of weeks ago. I facebooked Ian Harden my requirements and within a couple of hours, Ian had spec’d two options for me and told me about the pros/cons of each. After we sorted out payment, my new pc was built, tested and delivered in 2 weeks. I was very impressed with the speed and quality of service. All achieved within my budget, and informed throughout the process. Thank you for home delivering the computer and setting it up for me. Also thank you for talking through the features with me. I am confident that if I have any queries, or if any issues arise, I can contact you straight away for help/support. Thank you.

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  1. Maggie robins says:

    Received prompt and excellent service from Ian. He brought round couple of sample PCs on a Monday and by Thursday we had our new PC set up with data from old PC downloaded and he took considerable time explaining and making sure everything was working satisfactorily I.e printers working.

    Ian is also very prompt in replying to emails if you have any questions. No problem in recommending his services.

  2. Deanna Eves says:

    Fantastic service as always from Ian. If you are in trouble he is always ready to pop in and sort you out. The service is impeccable right down to Ian getting a cable sent to me because he knew I would struggle to get the right one. Ian has enabled me (a silver surfer) to get enormous pleasure from my PC which was set up by him, followed by calls to make sure everything was running OK. I thoroughly recommend him.

  3. Janan millard says:

    Brought a used stone laptop from Ian , he is a absolute pleasure to deal with , the laptop was as he described if not a little better ,he is a good honest seller , my laptop has been great and I would not hesitate to buy from him again , thanks again Ian .

  4. says:

    Ian is a true professional, very knowledgeable and happy to share this and give useful advice. A really prompt service; he unlocked my old PC; backed up the data and built me a super smart state of the art replacement for a very competitive price.

    I would highly recommend his services.


  5. Paulette Conroy says:

    I phoned Ian’s number and he took my base unit that day and exchanged it for a new one that evening with everything on it, came and set it up for me including my printer! I then needed to download Office package which he helped me with. Couldn’t ask for more at a fantastic cost!
    Highly recommended to my friends

  6. Phil Willavoys says:

    We were having problems setting up a new router and feeling very frustrated with little help from our provider. Ian responded promptly and resolved the issue within an hour. Impressed with the user friendly and efficient service. Would certainly recommend to friends.

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